Lessons Part 2




Gotta Love It



I’m passionate
Yet I hold my anger for your benefit
Til it hurts
And you catch me
Acting out of character


Being an artist
Feels like constantly addressing your emotions
So forgive me on my bad days
I keep being reminded
Of people I thought I forgave
Hurt I thought I forgot
And frustration
I thought I suppressed
Love · Poetry


Publish me
In fancy ink
Permanent on your skin
I don’t ever want you to forget
How I was the worse and best thing
That ever happened to you

Life · Love · Poetry

Life Line

Worship poetry not gods
Those that understand you
Cry between lines
And bleed through your pen
Fall in love with blank paper
And watch
As strangers fall in love with the person you wish you were


Priming Poetry

The sky does
And the trees will
Do as the moon does
Enlightening you
As the sun does
Shining on you
When the wind does
Inspire you
Bring you out your slump
Into the light
When you’ve cleared your mind
Of the dangerous thoughts
Lovers do it
Feel new again
Feel proud again
Open up your mind
And record each thought
Setting free your frustrations

Life · Love · Poetry · Quotes

Wasted Words


“Don’t waste your time sharpening your knife just to kill me with a dull edge”

Life · Poetry

Talented Introvert


The ink has stained my hands
I’ve spilled my truths
Curled my fingers into a permanent position
Fixed my face into a tortured expression
I’ve claimed to be an artist
A skilled poet
I’m married to this talent
That has slowly turned into an obsession
Turned my palm into a personal notepad
Writing down sorrows and expectations
I’m thankful for a pen and paper
They take weights off my shoulders
And boots off my chest