Lessons Part 2

Love · Poetry

Back Then

dominik-scythe-152888-unsplashI think too much
I’m suppose to stop but I can’t
To be lonely
While being together
Taking sips from the same bottle
We take the same drugs
Because it’s more comfortable

Love · Poetry


What do you want
I mean really want
Because you can’t have him anymore

Life · Poetry · Quotes


“I’m jealous of other people’s happiness
Of how they live their lives without me”

Love · Poetry

Dark Brown Eyes

Hold truth and obscurity
All in your eyes
I fall in love when tears roll from those eyes
I fall in love when laughter show in those eyes
There is nothing you can hide
I love to kiss the lips that accompany the shine
I look deep into them and know that I could never let you go
God I love those dark brown eyes

Love · Poetry


I only want to be understood
For someone to love me like I’ll never hurt them at all
For someone to treat me as if I’ve always been good 
Let me be the darkness that you fool yourself into thinking is light 

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“Hi I’m reckless
Tell your friends about me”

Life · Love · Poetry

Touch Me

I will beg
With tears
Running down my face
Please just touch me 
Kiss me
Because I ..
These worries I have
They’re weighing heavy 
My heart is breaking 
And I can’t take it
So save me please
With your hands and your tongue
Hold me
And tell me everything will be ok
Lay with me
I’m falling apart
God can’t help
I’m not worthy of any religion
Hold me
Kiss me
Touch me

Photographer unknown

Love · Poetry

Lust in Love

If I told you it was in the stars
If I told you this was destiny
If I layed you down
And traced the world across your body
Discovering you with my tongue
Whispering I love yous across your skin
Making you mine
Would you second guess it ?
You shouldn’t
My love
This new world we’ve built
Is fantasy
It’s for you and me
And I don’t want to leave