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She Wants 

“She wants to live that life that others are scared to because she can”

Life · Love · Poetry


Hot to touch
Chasing in the dark
Burning bright
Like fireflies
Adjusting to the night
Fading quick
Dying out
In your hands
Dark eyes looking up at me
Holding promise
Like the moon itself
It’s the natural light that keeps us
It’s the wonder of the world that knows us

Life · Poetry · Quotes

If It Must 

“let it lie in spontaneity”




You’re a curious soul and thats ok
You hold dear a truth unlike no other
See the world
It has so much to offer
Keep your home inside your tote bag
Different emblems to mark your journey
Be able to say you’ve been there
You’ve seen that
You let your mind discover
We love you sweet travelor
Roam on