Love · Poetry

Beach Effect

It was in the stars
As they glowed
Shined so bright
We were convinced it was magic
The fire breathed
And the smell of whiskey was in the air
Could this be us
People who look up at the stars while breathing in freshly smoked coal
I want this to be us
We can lay here in the warm sand
While the waves wet our feet
Falling in love every new minute

Love · Poetry


Butterflies and sweaty palms
Cuddling on the couch on winter nights
Skinny dipping on hot summer days
Walking hand in hand during fall
Tears come with our loss
Along with heartache
But I’d do it all over again
… I love being broken by you


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The End

“Don’t worry about it
This is the end”

Love · Poetry


I can feel the cold linger of her fingers on my arm
Casted on my lips
The weight  of her shame breaking my heart


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Life · Poetry · Pride


Believe me 
Im a storm
Among blazing wildfires
I have passion
Even among the times when I barely feel whole



Protect your skin
Protect your virtue
Can’t let them sin
Can’t let them hurt you
I know you tried
It didn’t work
I know it failed
And you got hurt
It wasn’t your fault
You’re  not alone
He was your friend
He was your family
He was a man
Ment to protect you
He had his own pain
He put that on you
He wasn’t a good person
But is that an excuse ?
I don’t think so
And I’ll never understand
But you know what they say
A man will be a man

Life · Love · Poetry

My Mona Lisa

Her mind is restless
This is no place to call home 
Where does she belong ?
Somewhere in our galaxy
Above the stars
Where can she go ?
Where can she find happiness ?
I had hoped in my arms
But she neglects me
Refusing while ignoring me
But begs for me when no one is around
I empathize
I’ve cried her tears and more


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