Life · Poetry


I’m forced to look at myself in the mirror as I cry
A fear I’ve never felt before
I’m forced to remind myself
This isn’t where you want to be
Learn to love yourself
Before your doubts and insecurities kill you

Life · Poetry


photo-1444230911269-4834978e28c9It’s too painful
It’s too much
And nobody knows
And nobody cares
No one sees
And no one acknowledges
Everyone ignores
And looks the other way
But what’s your excuse gonna be
When you see it’s too late

Life · Poetry · Quotes


“I was at my lowest today and it
felt like home”

Life · Love · Poetry · Pride

Free Fall

From the heavens
To your grave
You blinked
And it wasn’t for them
It was for you
The blood didn’t bother you
But it made them break down in tears
Your last words were salvation
They never got to say theres
Enjoy serenity
I hope they understand
There was no other way

Life · Poetry


I hold pain in a bottle
Leave it all in my palms
Drink it up while holding my breathe
And wait for it to pass

Life · Poetry · Quotes


“You can completely break or overcome  either way you’re not alone”

Life · Poetry


I feel I’m going to die young
Let this be true
I wish to be gone before I can do anymore damage