Ive got scars that haven’t healed
Memories i’ll never forget
People i’ll never forgive¬†
an abundance of issues I’ve yet to deal with¬†

Life · Poetry · Pride

and . .

And people will judge
But never take the time to understand
They’ll laugh at how you feel pain
How you choose to heal
Your hurt may be different
But you still hurt
So cry if you need to
Scream if you need to
Cuss if you need to
And get back on your shit

Life · Poetry · Pride


They don’t care about you
About me
Or us
Build your own
To lift up those
Who have experienced
Your struggle

Life · Poetry · Pride

My Turn

I’ve been in the struggle too long
I’m grateful
I’m tired
I’m ready glow up too

Life · Love · Poetry


The best and the worse of me
I thank you for first
They made me

Life · Poetry

Cry For Young Girls

I’m just a twenty something 
Yet I don’t know any better
There’re people out there
Crying for young girls 
Young girls like me
Praying for me
Even though I didn’t ask them too 
But I don’t mine
I’m working on giving up my vices
Boys and alcohol
I’m working on keeping my promises
How people look for perfection
He’s envying my flaws
And I’m tip toeing around life