For the Love of Kings

I am a hypocrite
Someone conditioned to hate who I am
Why is it I rather belong to the man lighter than my daddy
When I know I deserve a king
But I’m afraid a man
One of my color
Will refuse me
I’m afraid they don’t see the love I can give
Just how loyal I can be
I feel they don’t see how kind I am
Because I’ve been made to seem weak
Disrespectful and angry
That is not who I am
I am strong
And educated
If that is wrong
If that is why a man
One who looks like me
Can not love me
Then that is fine
I have gotten to the point
Were I have accepted not being accepted

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Plan B

I’m not sure what I lost
But it’s left me empty
I feel guilty
I had a choice
I wanted to hold him
But I couldn’t
I wanted to feel her grow
And I couldn’t
So I’m left
No idea what to do next
overfilled with regret

Love · Quotes

The Moment

“The moment you realized I was the one was the moment you became that one guy I use to know”

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Sour Whiskey

“Sour whiskey over sweet wine
Just to avoid your bitter taste”

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Free Fall

From the heavens
To your grave
You blinked
And it wasn’t for them
It was for you
The blood didn’t bother you
But it made them break down in tears
Your last words were salvation
They never got to say theres
Enjoy serenity
I hope they understand
There was no other way

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“I don’t know why I have so many regrets for someone that has lived such a short life”

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Nothing Good

“I feel too much and give nothing for my love”


Maybe Tragedy

Last night
I awoke
from a dream
No nightmare
Bloodied and soiled
I saw his eyes
His face
And then I knew fear
And then I felt regret 
The moment I discovered a haunting that would last the rest of my life

Love · Poetry

No Worries


Are you even thinking of apologizing  ?
Do you even feel guilt ?
I see shame in your eyes
Or is that amusement
Was it worth the pain you caused me ?
The embarrassment I went through
Now I know
Love is blind
And lust makes you stupid

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Hot Spring


You tell me to embrace the waves
The current of the seas
You want me to be free
Be open
Because the the clouds know their beauty
But rain falls ashamed
The trees support the leaves
And let fruit fall ripe and ready
I need my heartbeat to be as strong as the faint dust that holds us together
For me to want to jump in head first would be foolish
The water’s too rapid
The rays are hot
Your eyes are convincing
Dip your hand in my river
You’ll do nothing but taint it