Some Kind of Shame



Don’t take my pain with you when you go
I need the reminder
Not apologies
Those give me hope
Only my angerĀ 
Can keep me from making the same mistake


Iron Cuts

I choose tattoos
Because I’m afraid I would cut too deep


abstract-art-artistic-990826i have memories
more like dreams
of being alone
lost in time
a moment before i knew you
and there was nothing but hope
a time before i knew my own
now that memory is a feeling
not as vivid
hidden in eyes

Life · Poetry

I’m Not a Revolutionary

I believe in freedom
That everyone has rights
We are not all equal
Some suffer more than others
We are not all noticed
Some get praised more then others
We are made out to be animals
Some cages are more obvious then others
I scream
You scream
But not over the same things
I cry
You cry
But she’s crying for her children
And when I die
And she dies
They won’t remember

Love · Poetry

Part Time

God I think you broke me
I’ve never seen these tears before
This hurt feels different
It’s Because my love was real
And you were just practicing