I welcome sundown

Laying in the dark

Enjoying the light of the moon

Silent breathing

And quiet background music



Life · Love · Poetry


My eyes closed
Under a full moon
You carresing me
While I listen to the wind



I want to
Live under the stars
Being blessed by nature

Life · Poetry


I was born
Under a full moon
In the middle of winter
The months
Before warmth
I came upon waves
To bring light
Who is me
Put on earth
Like others
I find myself

Life · Love · Poetry


Swim with me into the stars
Bathe in the moonlight
As you share your worries and concerns
Dive deep
Touching the ocean floor with the tip of your feet
You can breathe down here
While dancing with mermaids
You can breathe
Share your secrets with the waves
Don’t you worry
Us creatures won’t tell a soul

Love · Poetry

Nighttime Lovers

Sleep tight tonight
Make wishes on the moon
Admire the stars 
As you lay on your lovers pillow
Kiss the back of their palm
Remember to hold them close
Until they fall asleep
A perfect slumber between warm sheets and cold pillows

Life · Poetry

Fresh Air

​The sky
The moon
The sun
They guide me
Past the trees
And beyond the horizon
Until I reach fulfillment

Life · Poetry


Live in the night
Howling to the moon
I yearn to be like you
Wild and free
How can I run with wolves
Embracing midnight while …
Showing my teeth
Remaining calm
Protecting my own
I could be like the wolf
Paws treading
I am the wolf
Showing no weakness
While remaining pure
I am the wolf
Embracing tommorrows
Up under my pack
Defeating enemies
While keeping my fur clean
That’s pride
That’s hope
That’s  the power of the wolves