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Lola is

The awe of a black women
The strength
And intelligence
Lola is stars and creator of all
Lola is me
And you
She is the melanin that runs in our veins
And the light that shines in our pupil
Lola is
And we love lola

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Lola in “Scatter Black”

Big screens
Featuring the best drama
And stereotypes

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About Lola

She is a queen
She is loved
She is strong
And wise
But understanding
A masterpiece
She is every black women
And I want you all to meet her
She is Lola

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What’s Wrong With Lola

She’s so quiet
She’s stuck up
Maybe if she smiled people would like her more
She could use a man
Maybe that’s why she’s so bitter
She’s really pretty for a black girl
Maybe she should try a little makeup
Maybe if she straightend her hair
She wouldn’t look so crazy
What’s wrong with Lola ?

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She Wants 

“She wants to live that life that others are scared to because she can”

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Poor Lola

She sits beside her throne
Giving away all her love
Her health is fading
But the world is waiting
Hands out and mouths open
She fights her tears
Ignores her fears
The love she receives isn’t real
She never gave time for her wounds to heal
Watching as others take turns wearing her crown
Her community is bringing her down
Breaking her with shame
She lost her pride
So she stood aside
As others took there place on her throne

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Killing Lola

Lola can I
Sip from your cup
Until it’s empty and dry
Lola can I
Take shelter under your arms
While you catch all my bullets
Cry on your shoulder
Empty your pockets
Lola can I
Ask for your love
As you expect nothing in return
Lola ?