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I love you so much it kills me inside
You’ll never know that feeling
Making it easer to die in silence
Never knowing my truth
And where it would get me
Forever hoping

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She Wants 

“She wants to live that life that others are scared to because she can”

Life · Love · Poetry

Lean On Me


Pure at heart
A brave soldier
Fear nothing
Do everything
If you happen to find a place
Where you are happy and free
Thrive in it
Be an eagle
A bird set free
Be unstoppable
Make the wild your home
Be encouraging
Never dominating
Be kind
And loving
It’s ok to be shy
I know you can be a beast
You can be a boss
The best of the best
In the end you are a human being
And that being said
You can always lean on me

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Neon Nights


They flow through me
I live by the night
It’s better
The electricity
I feel it in my fingers
My body
Like ecstasy
Your more than alive
Your more than alone
It’s like neon lights
When you live for the night
Love by the hours
You can follow the moon
And breathe in the stars
You can live by the light
Feel more than invincible
The air is alive
Sweet and guiding
Your allowed to feel free
The night is waiting