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My eyes closed
Under a full moon
You carresing me
While I listen to the wind

Love · Poetry


Oh my first crush
First kiss and first love
My worst and best mistake
Can’t wait to do it again

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“He kissed me so soft and gently
I slept”

Love · Poetry

Skin Deep 

It scares me that you know my body so well
That you know exacly where to leave your missed kisses
Where to move your hand while your chest is resting on mine
Your light breathe on my neck
Bite me
While you grab my thigh
Taste me
While my lips press the pillow
Fuck me
And I’ll scream
Leaving deep scars on your back
Blood in my finger nails
And bite marks on your shoulder 

Love · Poetry

Dark Brown Eyes

Hold truth and obscurity
All in your eyes
I fall in love when tears roll from those eyes
I fall in love when laughter show in those eyes
There is nothing you can hide
I love to kiss the lips that accompany the shine
I look deep into them and know that I could never let you go
God I love those dark brown eyes

Love · Poetry


Butterflies and sweaty palms
Cuddling on the couch on winter nights
Skinny dipping on hot summer days
Walking hand in hand during fall
Tears come with our loss
Along with heartache
But I’d do it all over again
… I love being broken by you

Life · Love · Poetry

Touch Me

I will beg
With tears
Running down my face
Please just touch me 
Kiss me
Because I ..
These worries I have
They’re weighing heavy 
My heart is breaking 
And I can’t take it
So save me please
With your hands and your tongue
Hold me
And tell me everything will be ok
Lay with me
I’m falling apart
God can’t help
I’m not worthy of any religion
Hold me
Kiss me
Touch me

Photographer unknown

Love · Poetry


They taste of salt
A fire that is desperate
They taste like cherries
Like you’ve loved once
But have forgotten how
So perfectly shaped
They call to me
When you press your lips against mine
It can paralyze
But keep me alive