Lola Is .. Part 2


Life · Poetry

Lil Girl


A girl will stay a girl until she learns
She does not know it all
She does not have all the answers
The world is tragic
It will tear you up
From the inside and out
You are but a small and forgotten thought
One person in a stack of million for change
Do grow up little girl
See things for how they are
But don’t worry little girl
There is light
There is happiness
And it’s never what you expect
It doesn’t present it’s self in obvious ways
Take responsibility for your own happiness
All will be fine little girl
Enjoy naiveté
The world can wait

Life · Love · Poetry


Not the time to run and hide
Or sit and cry
Wondering what could be

Life · Poetry


I’m smiling for one
Laughing at nothing 
Because I can
Not giving a fuck
Because wonderful things happen
When you no longer care
Worrying about me
Not feeling guilty
And loving every moment of it

Life · Poetry · Pride


What is my worth ?
Less than his
More than hers 
But only under the right circumstances

Life · Poetry · Pride

Cuts and Bruises

I’ve got glass cutting my heals
Trying to walk with torn tendons
Refuse to use bandages
I just let the blood cover my path
To let others know
I may be broken
But I’m still a savage

Life · Poetry · Pride


Believe me 
Im a storm
Among blazing wildfires
I have passion
Even among the times when I barely feel whole

Love · Poetry · Quotes


“You knew she was one of many but you refused to treat her like the others” 

Love · Poetry · Quotes

Rule #1

“Being in love takes two”