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I can see with my eyes closed
A message to the world
I could never submit
Rebel of my own cause

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Wasted Words


“Don’t waste your time sharpening your knife just to kill me with a dull edge”

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Pretend Freedom


Wipe your tears little one
The war isn’t over
So pick up your gun and follow me
To a righteous movement
Hate is strong
They are coming for us
So there a few things we need to do
Because they look for our weaknesses
They look for our skin tone
Somone they feel is less than human
But you know who you are
You know what you can do
And when the time comes
We’ll march together
Side by side
Hand in hand
Weapons of our own desire
More than will in hand
We’ll be fighting a new fight
While remembering old battles




“There those who fear me
and those who are stupid enough to challenge me”