Life · Love · Poetry · Pride

Poor Lola

She sits beside her throne
Giving away all her love
Her health is fading
But the world is waiting
Hands out and mouths open
She fights her tears
Ignores her fears
The love she receives isn’t real
She never gave time for her wounds to heal
Watching as others take turns wearing her crown
Her community is bringing her down
Breaking her with shame
She lost her pride
So she stood aside
As others took there place on her throne



You’ve been crowned by god
My child
You have all you need




It was a free for all
The way they picked at your flesh
How  they pissed all over you
They thought you were weak
Because you hid your pain with a smile
While waging a war against vices
That is how you ended up with a crown on your head
Sweat in your pores
You can take cracks from whips
And poisonous words
Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen
Doesn’t matter who you let break you before
You take command
Fight your enemies
And conquer




“There those who fear me
and those who are stupid enough to challenge me”