Back shots


Not Just


its the way you breathe my name
the way you touch my thigh
the way you slowly
then quickly
then kiss me
while holding me
looking me in my eyes
while promising me more moments like these



“I don’t know how to be done with you”

Life · Love · Poetry

Do You Know How It Feels To Be Forgotten ?

Do you know how it feels to be forgotten ?
How it feels to know while I was thinking of you 
You weren’t thinking of me 
Do you know how it feels to be unwanted ? 
I’ve been left before 
For someone half as great
Suppose I’m just blind to my flaws
Knowing you deserve someone better 
But do you know how it’s feels ?
To be less than your perfect ? 
Do you know how it feels to be forgotten ?
Babe it feels lonely
It feels fucking lonely

Love · Poetry

Dark Brown Eyes

Hold truth and obscurity
All in your eyes
I fall in love when tears roll from those eyes
I fall in love when laughter show in those eyes
There is nothing you can hide
I love to kiss the lips that accompany the shine
I look deep into them and know that I could never let you go
God I love those dark brown eyes

Love · Poetry


Love is unattainable
A cruel joke
One to make you feel like you belong to someone 
Just know 
They’re using you
You’re using them 
You can try to forget your lonely
But it will creep back 
Worst then before

Love · Poetry


I only want to be understood
For someone to love me like I’ll never hurt them at all
For someone to treat me as if I’ve always been good 
Let me be the darkness that you fool yourself into thinking is light 

Love · Poetry

La Love

I don’t need a reason
I love you
No matter the time
No matter the place
You are all I’ll ever need
And that’s already more than enough

Life · Poetry


“It’s hard to admit you’re in love with the demons that haunt you”