Love · Poetry


Tell him to love me
How he can’t live without me
Tell him how I’m wanting
Seathing and loathing
Tell him I’m tired
Tell him I’m hurting
Tell him I love him
Can’t live without him
Remind him of all the nights I cried
Tell him I cared
Tell him I worry
I wish him the best
Tell him I’m sorry

Life · Poetry


All I need is time
Could you give me just that
A little more time
More time to make up for…
My excuses
My sorries
Inconveniences and disappointments
I want more time
I need to know my life has not been wasted
That I haven’t done all I can
That there is more
And this isn’t it
I just need time

Life · Poetry


I’m smiling for one
Laughing at nothing 
Because I can
Not giving a fuck
Because wonderful things happen
When you no longer care
Worrying about me
Not feeling guilty
And loving every moment of it

Life · Love · Poetry · Pride · Quotes

Be …

“Time freezes and you neglect the need to be …”

Love · Poetry

You Oughta Know


You oughta know how much I love you
From your toes to your beautiful lips
The smell of your hair after a shower
You oughta know how much I care
Bout your feelings
Your well being
You oughta know how much I worry
When you’re gone a little too long
When you never called when you said you would
Or texted me back when I asked if you were ok
You oughta know how much I miss you
Knowing that you were hurting that much
And knowing that I couldn’t do a damn thing to fix it