“We don’t worship the same Gods”

Poetry · Pride

Little Girl

Hate to be the little girl
Growing up in this big bad world
Love to see what she will be
After fighting her way through sexism
Batteling racism
Hope she never gets defeated
Never fall for the statistics
Because there’s more to overcome
And I want to see you win

Life · Poetry


We grow up
I know
But I don’t settle
I’m a dreamer
It’s hope that wakes me up in the morning
Needless to say
I believe in the little things

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It’s a different kind of fight
One for your mind
Yourself against the world

Life · Poetry


Live in the night
Howling to the moon
I yearn to be like you
Wild and free
How can I run with wolves
Embracing midnight while …
Showing my teeth
Remaining calm
Protecting my own
I could be like the wolf
Paws treading
I am the wolf
Showing no weakness
While remaining pure
I am the wolf
Embracing tommorrows
Up under my pack
Defeating enemies
While keeping my fur clean
That’s pride
That’s hope
That’s  the power of the wolves

Life · Poetry



I’m brave like this
More aware like this
I can serve a purpose like this
Can I stay like this
Be more useful like this
Don’t take this
Away from me
I gonna miss being loved and free
It is all I have




It was a free for all
The way they picked at your flesh
How  they pissed all over you
They thought you were weak
Because you hid your pain with a smile
While waging a war against vices
That is how you ended up with a crown on your head
Sweat in your pores
You can take cracks from whips
And poisonous words
Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen
Doesn’t matter who you let break you before
You take command
Fight your enemies
And conquer