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Starts at tips of words
That wonder on lips
Kissing the body
That joins us


I Love Your Body

I love your body blog post

Loving your body doesn’t always start at the gym or in a doctor’s office. It starts with you and only you. Here are a few things I’ve learned to help me become more comfortable with my body and have helped me learn to love my body.These are things that worked for me. There is no guarantee that it will work for you but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Take A Picture

Simple, take a picture. Naked or in lingerie. Take a sexy picture and look at it. Really look at it . Notice all your stretch marks ,scars, weird hairs , pimples and know that it’s normal and it’s beautiful. If you happen to be going through a huge transformation. Take a picture. See how far you’ve come. Before and after pictures are a great motivation.

Eat Good

You eat better you feel better. When you feel sluggish and gross from eating junk it can affect the way you look at yourself. Get rid of it ! all of it. Only eat dirty in moderation.

Working Out

For the same reason why you should eat better you should also be working out. Working out also helps with anxiety, stress,and builds stamina. It’s not just for getting an awesome bod. It helps your mind too !

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

This is something I still sometimes struggle with. I know it’s hard. When your always on Instagram and you see everyone living their best life . You can’t help but think “why not me !”. Well slow your roll ,your time is coming. Everyone glows up at their own pace ! Trust me love, you’ll be stuntin on em soon enough.


Affirmations are sayings you repeat to your self out loud that encourage positivity and growth. You can find some on Pinterest ,Youtube,or Google.I suggest downloading the app Selfishbabe. It’s an amazing app and you get daily affirmations right on your phone !




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They Call Me Slut

So you call me a slut
You are disgusted by my sexualty
How I give my love away
And I still walk with confidence
And still have the nerve to expect respect as if i’m a virgin

Poetry · Pride

Lola is

The awe of a black women
The strength
And intelligence
Lola is stars and creator of all
Lola is me
And you
She is the melanin that runs in our veins
And the light that shines in our pupil
Lola is
And we love lola

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Keep me on top
Don’t forget your mine
I marked those lips
When I rode it

Love · Poetry

Sugar Wine

Drip from my lips
And stick
Like sugar wine
Sweet cane

Love · Poetry


Cuz flesh is tender
Where all scars show
Bite marks
And sweet bruises
I know it’s your favorite hiding place

Love · Poetry


Wet and tasty

Just like rain

Salty and sweet

So you have me