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She Wants 

“She wants to live that life that others are scared to because she can”

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Would You ?

“Would you like to see the world as is and still have love in your heart ?”

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Hot to touch
Chasing in the dark
Burning bright
Like fireflies
Adjusting to the night
Fading quick
Dying out
In your hands
Dark eyes looking up at me
Holding promise
Like the moon itself
It’s the natural light that keeps us
It’s the wonder of the world that knows us

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If It Must 

“let it lie in spontaneity”




“I’m a lone wonderer looking for my reason “




With silver wings and gold skin
She flew around my room
At night
I stared at her and wondered
Where is it that she came from?
The answer came to me
One night she flew
And out the window she went
So I followed
Past the houses
Through the park
Into the woods
I followed
But lost her
Among the branches and the tall trees
I walked and walked
Yet I couldn’t find her
It was cold and dark and I began to worry
Then there she was
And others flew around her
They lit up
Hearing them
Seeing them
Knowing they were real
We danced
And I flew
Then I had wings
Just like them
And I flew around the rooms
Making my way back
With the children that looked as I did
And they change as I did
And we flew with our wings

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It was a saturday and the stars danced couples
They laughed while making under the bright lights
It shined in their faces and came down too fast
It shooted across the sky
Showing them their futures
The moon shown bright that night
And the waves rose crashing into the rocks and memories
Making those take a moment
The sky shown glamorous telling them
They paused
And had nothing left to do but to capture it