Lola Is .. Part 2





Girls Like Girls

This past year I have been more honest about my sexuality. Trying to embrace the side of me I was ashamed of. Trying to be part of a group who I have ignored. A group I hope would embrace me. I have never regretted anything, but lately I have been feeling like there are some parts of me I should keep to myself. Seems like no matter what, I am being judged. Being gay can seem like a dirty thing in most folk’s eye. Being bisexual disgusting. To some people i’m just confused or looking for attention. “You’re either gay or you’re not”. No… that isn’t true. I’m, me. I am attracted to both males and females. I’m proud to say im bisexual. I am not confused and I have spent years battling myself. I refuse to battle you. If I am in a relationship I am faithful to that person. I’m not trying to get attention. I love women! I am not a fantasy. I am a person. I love being bisexual and being part of the LGBTQ community, as a queer POC I feel it’s important to embrace all sides of me. And more importantly, for me to be able to do it openly. I don’t need anybody’s approval because at the end of the day im still bi… I’m still black… I’m still me. And for all my POCs going through the same. You are never alone.



“I cry and scream just to let it all out
Then I write”

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That Kind of Love

“I could love you until I’m raw but I’m saving my true for someone else”

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I can’t understand
Why I can’t be loved
And it’s ugly
these thoughts that keep me down
Unable to see the good in myself
That I can’t hold my self
While tears of self loathing fall onto my own palm
But I don’t understand why I can’t find love
Because she can
And he will sit and listen as if he cares
But once I give him what’s forbidden
He’s gone and once again I’m stuck wondering
Can I even be loved

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“I’m jealous of other people’s happiness
Of how they live their lives without me”

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You built it from the dirt left in your fingernails
From the heartbreak and tears 
You found your home inside of you
Now everywhere you go
You just need