Poetry · Pride


Land of the free
Home of the brave
The place you were born
Where your people were enslaved
All decked out in red,white and blue
Follow the “dress code”
So they don’t assume
Who knew there were so many ways to die
When your black in america
If I didn’t know any better
I’d think they were trying to get rid of us

Life · Poetry · Pride


Your actions should lead you
Never discourage you
Guide you
And push you towards success

Life · Poetry · Pride

For sale

I’m not for sale
My soul or ambitions can’t be bargained
My heart or voice can’t be taken from me
I never gave up my freedom

Poetry · Pride

Little Girl

Hate to be the little girl
Growing up in this big bad world
Love to see what she will be
After fighting her way through sexism
Batteling racism
Hope she never gets defeated
Never fall for the statistics
Because there’s more to overcome
And I want to see you win

Life · Poetry · Pride

and . .

And people will judge
But never take the time to understand
They’ll laugh at how you feel pain
How you choose to heal
Your hurt may be different
But you still hurt
So cry if you need to
Scream if you need to
Cuss if you need to
And get back on your shit

Life · Love · Poetry · Pride

They Call Me Slut

So you call me a slut
You are disgusted by my sexualty
How I give my love away
And I still walk with confidence
And still have the nerve to expect respect as if i’m a virgin

Life · Poetry · Pride


You give em a taste of cannabis and they look at you like what’s this shit
You put a money sign on it
Then they smile
And spit in it
What should we do to stick together
Take every measure
Tattoo names on dry skin
You’ll never win
Wondering why blind men don’t give a fuck about the needy
They greedy
Can’t give a dime
So I can get some wine
Spend the night in warm bed
Forget my struggles
Before I get kicked out in the morning
It’s morning
What does the sun look like shining on you
Something new
Or an omen
Letting you know aint shit golden
So hold em
Let it breathe
Don’t shit in life come free

Life · Poetry · Pride


They don’t care about you
About me
Or us
Build your own
To lift up those
Who have experienced
Your struggle

Life · Poetry · Pride

My Turn

I’ve been in the struggle too long
I’m grateful
I’m tired
I’m ready glow up too

Poetry · Pride

Lola is

The awe of a black women
The strength
And intelligence
Lola is stars and creator of all
Lola is me
And you
She is the melanin that runs in our veins
And the light that shines in our pupil
Lola is
And we love lola