More Than Monogamy

Monogamy is not for everyone and that is ok. I feel we get into these relationships without being ready or we don’t know what we want so we end up hurting each other. We have the idea of the perfect man/women monogamist relationship when really, we might do better alone or in a completely different kind of dynamic. Folks get hurt when people enter a relationship without fully knowing what they want from said relationship. It is ok to have an honest talk about what you expect from each other. If monogamy is what you want. Then find a partner that makes it clear that’s what they want from the jump and you need to make those expectations known from the start as well. Once you make it known the type of relationship you are looking for, you need to stick to it. There is something literally for everyone. Know yourself. If you are not ready or you don’t like the idea of monogamy. Then don’t force it. If you are interested in being in an open relationship, then let it be known. Set boundaries that work for you both. BE SAFE and communicate. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be part of something “nontraditional”. What is important is that there is communication and understanding. You can have what you want without hurting someone. Know your wants and your needs and find someone that wants the same.


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