Life · Poetry

I Tried


Do you mind vouching for my creative voice that haunts me
I fear I have no real talent
See while I claim to be an artist
And have indeed put in time
A good amount of work
Resulting in tears and frustration
I fear it all amounts to nothing
There’s no real proof that I know what I’m doing
I hear admiration
Positive feedback
Yet no one understands
I’ve become quite typical
A tortured soul
Sitting in the dark
Staring at a piece of paper
At the words
Thinking to myself
Wait what ?
I’ve attempted to drink and write
Which resulted in me accidentally
opening up my hardend soul
Letting a little light in
What are you doing ?
Feeding the beast
I tell myself sober
I’ve attempted long walks
Turning to nature
The wind gives me no answers
I tried

I tried. I tried. I tried.

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