Love · Poetry

Flooded Hearts


We feel our pain
We can bleed
The truth will stain our hearts
And others will drown in it slowly
Others gain from sorrow
Others let it break them
Why not
To be loved and left
Something to learn from
But to be loved and kept close
Well …
We can try it
Fall in love again
I know we can go back
To that moment
When you knew I was the one
It’s not like the smell of burning wood doesn’t remind you of me
My gasps still play over and over in your head
Making your palms sweat
I still remember your breathe on my neck
The taste of hard liquor
It’s plays in my head
And my palms sweat
Needing air in my lungs
And I’m finding it hard to believe you don’t feel the same
But …
We feel our pain
We can bleed
Doesn’t mean because I’m hurting
You are
So …
My tears don’t amount to much

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