Love · Poetry

Mary J and Beyonce


You can lose your pride
Your sense of self worth
When you depend on a man to define you
You can lose your mind
Forget you are worthy
When you let a man…
There are so many songs for us to cry to
So many lyrics we can relate to
All because we let a man…
Because the pain is real
The men are real
You’re not all the same
But the ones who do the most damage
Are leaving you the most work
I’m not here to spew
Not here to tear down the good ones
Not here to say that all men are…
But when you play the nice guy role
And convince them your different
Then throw them to the side like trash
Men are…
So when you walk in the room
And she’s playing beyonce
She’s blasting Mary J.
When she’s singing to Jhene Aiko so passionately
Why don’t you wonder what makes her sing songs so passionately
Because she’s been hurt
Like you’ve been hurt
And she’s been played
By someone before you
And that is all she sees

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