Poetry · Pride



Whatever you may call it
My natural flows
Falls and frames my beautiful black face
Luscious hair
Unmanageable, tameable
Beautiful mess
I may chop it
Dye it
Braid it
Twist it
Flat iron it
Tug at it out of frustration
Curse at it even
But my hair is my love
It’s unique to me
My story lies within it
My culture twist and winds all the way to the roots
Do you see the dark brown with the burnt burgundy
My ancesters wrapped in my buns
Pride in my head wraps
All tied up in my bandanas
Can you tell by my big poetic justice braids
My marly twist
My dreads
How much I love my versatility
I may protect it
Hide it for the summer
But there is no shame
When I let it free
Brush it out
Comb it up
Wet it
And let it be wild
I feel proud
I must be
There’s no other way

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